I finally made it my exhibition and it was a great one thanks to you. Here's a walk through of what each piece was about.
Some thoughts on editing and minimalism and one last invite to my exhibition.
Hey everyone, Hope you had a great week. This week I had my artwork photographed by the brilliant Chris Orange. Having artwork photographed is a tricky…
Good morning, Happy Friday and happy February. We made it past the January blues and we are heading for Spring (she says very optimistically). This week…
My exhibition is finally underway and I'd love to invite you along.
If you are still hoping to get an art print before Christmas, nows your chance. I have extended my sale for this week so go wild and happy print…
And Here’s The Missing Discount Code… Morning everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. Fool that I am, I forgot to include a discount code for you to…
I'm having a sale on my prints just for this week so if you are looking for Christmas gifts or just want to treat yourself, seize the day.
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